temple run vrEarlier today during IFA 2014, Samsung took the wraps off their virtual reality headset in the form of the Samsung Gear VR. However unlike other VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, the Gear VR will not come with a display of its own, instead it will use the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as its display, much like the Vortex VR which uses the LG G3 as its display.

While we expect that there will be a lot of software for the Gear VR eventually, would-be Gear VR owners might be interested to learn that the first virtual reality game designed for the Gear VR would be Temple Run from Imangi Studios. The game, for those unfamiliar, is an endless runner in which gamers will try to avoid obstacles while collecting as many coins and running as far as possible.

Temple Run VR will not be a port of the existing Temple Run games, but will be one built from scratch and designed for the Gear VR in mind, which you can see in the image above. The game will take advantage of the sensors in the headset and the phone to navigate the game, such as turning your head to jump, dodge, and slide.

It sounds like a pretty fun idea, although we have to wonder about the possibility of getting motion sickness from such a game, but either way if you had your eyes on the Gear VR, perhaps Temple Run VR could be a game worth checking out in the future.

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