Imangi’s Temple Run probably isn’t as popular today as it was maybe a year or so ago, but that’s usually the case with mobile games. Most of the time these games garner a lot of interest at the start before it starts to become less popular, which is why developers like Rovio have to start branching out into other genres.

In any case if you were wondering how Temple Run first came about or what its early builds looked like, you might be interested in the video above. The folks at TouchArcade recently met up with developer Keith Shepherd at GDC where he walked them through some of the early builds of Temple Run and how the game could have looked like.

It’s actually pretty interesting because Shepherd takes us through the process and thought that went behind designing a game like Temple Run and if you check out the video above, you’ll actually be pretty amazed at what earlier builds of Temple Run look like because they definitely do not resemble any of the Temple Run games that has since been released.

Temple Run, when it was popular back in the day, spawned different versions of the game that tied in to movies. This included movies like Disney and Pixar’s Brave, as well as a tie-in with Oz: The Great and Powerful. In fact Temple Run 2 also introduced the Usain Bolt character which could be unlocked for a small fee. We don’t know about you, but after watching this video we have the urge to fire up a game of Temple Run.

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