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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Some Details About The New Terminator Movie
There’s a new Terminator movie in the pipeline and fans of the original movies will be delighted to find out that the original team is returning. James Cameron is producing the new movie while both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will be returning. Arnold Schwarzenegger has now revealed some details about the new Terminator movie, saying that it’s going to go back to the basics.

New Terminator Movie Release Date Confirmed
It was confirmed recently that a new Terminator movie is in the pipeline. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning as the robot from the future in the new movie. He’s not the only original cast member that’s coming back. It was also confirmed recently that Linda Hamilton is coming back as well. The new Terminator movie release date has finally been confirmed today. We’ll have to wait almost two years for […]

New Terminator Movie With Linda Hamilton Confirmed
Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in many movies but Terminator will likely be considered his most iconic role. Years after leaving the franchise, it has been confirmed that he will be returning as the robot from the future. That’s not all. It has also been confirmed that Linda Hamilton is returning to the Terminator franchise after bidding farewell more than 25 years ago.

New Terminator Movie Will Star Arnold Schwarzenegger
The beloved Terminator franchise may not be over. Even though the last addition to the franchise, 2015’s Terminator: Genisys, failed to impress, it appears that there may be life yet for the Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the original lead, has said that there’s going to be a new Terminator movie and that “I will be in the movie.” That’s enough to capture fans’ attention.


Terminator 2 To Be Re-Released In 3D Come 2016
There have been several Terminator movies over the years, but we’re sure many can agree that while the latest one is a pretty good attempt, it’s hard to beat Terminator 2 which is admittedly the star of the franchise. However could anything be done to improve upon it? Apparently there is, because it seems that Terminator 2 will be re-released in 3D in 2016.Interestingly enough while the movie will be […]