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Home Appliances Could Text You In The Future
A computer science professor thinks that the pace of interaction between consumers and their appliances will increase at a rapid pace in the future, and this might see your fridges informing you remotely whenever you start to run low on essential items, i.e. milk. Dr. Kevin Curran claims that it is a matter of the next five years advancing technology to have home appliances sent text messages to humans, in […]

Texting Could Improve Spelling And Grammar In Children
I am quite sure that those of us who use the Queen’s English would have shaked our heads and clucked our tongues at how the English language has seemingly deteriorated over the years, decimated by short forms as well as a mixture of numerals and letters in order to convey a message in the shortest manner possible – 140 characters or less most of the time. The question is, has […]

'Airwriting' Glove Converts Arm Gestures Into Text Messages
It’s a good week for people with arms as earlier this week, Thalmic Labs introduced its MYO Armband which allows the user to control their computer simply by gesturing. And in addition to that impressive piece of tech, Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is showing of its glove that can turn arm waves into text.The GKIT’s “airwriting” glove system allows the person wearing the device to draw letters in the […]

Facebook Messenger Stand-Alone Chat App
Facebook Messenger: Facebook has just (paper) launched its Facebook Messenger App, which effectively focuses on the text communication aspect of Facebook


Media brands should forget about creating apps and focus on MMS instead, says strategist
According to a tech author and 3G strategist, Tomi Ahonen, MMS is an important platform that is being ignored right now and should be taken more seriously. Too many people are focusing on creating apps dedicated to smartphones and ignoring phones that are more than capable of displaying multimedia. His reasoning? “There are about 100 million iPhones on the platform. Now multiply it against all mobile phones. That’s 2% of […]

Fingual turns sign language into text
Boffins over at the Osaka and Shinshu Universities in Japan have managed to squeeze their brains to come up with the special sensor-equipped glove which allows one to enter text on a computer, simply by making gestures or shapes using your hands or fingers. Of course, this functionality will be made available to any kind of electronic device eventually. How is this made possible? Well, the tip of each glove […]

BabbleOn brings voice messages to Facebook
If text isn’t expressive enough for you and you’re too camera shy to record video messages to post on Facebook, BabbleOn might be what you need. BabbleOn Technologies has just launched a new app that allows users to record and post voice messages on both and Facebook. Fully integrating itself with the social network, all users have to do is log in with their Facebook account to get started. […]

SuperTooth HD helps you stay focused on the road while driving
One of the most dangerous things anyone can do while driving is use the phone at the same time. Well the folks over at SuperTooth have come up with a solution to the problem. Called the SuperTooth HD, this gadget helps you keep your eyes focused on the road when you want to check your texts or emails that come in on your phone. All you have to do is […]

Yap Voicemail brings voicemail-to-text for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon
Yap has just announced that they’ve released the Yap Voicemail app for Android phones on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The app converts voicemails into text, which makes it easier to access, search and respond to voicemail messages. This also allows users to quickly determine how important voicemails are – by just taking a quick glance at a voicemail converted to text, they’ll know what’s going on without having to listen […]

AmberWatch SafeText keeps you informed of your children’s texts
Protext Mobility has just announced the launch of their new app for Android devices called SafeText. The aim of the app? To enable and empower parents with an “easy to use, robust set of tools and features designed to help and protect and manage their children’s text messaging activities against cyber-bullying and other threats that exist in the digital world.” Basically this app gives parents the ability to monitor whatever […]

Pentel Airpen Mini will work with Android
Pentel’s Airpen Mini, a multi-purpose pen that that automatically transfers what you write on paper to a computer will work with Android devices in the near future. All you have to do is activate the pen, start writing on a piece of paper, and all your words will be transferred to an accompanying device that can be used to transfer them to the computer. The transferring device was previously only […]

Turn your iPod touch into an iPhone with the Apple Peel 520
Yoison has just unveiled their next generation Apple Peel and it now supports the latest iPod Touch as well as the third generation model. In case you didn’t know, the Apple Peel is a special case that when fitted with a SIM card and attached to your iPod touch – gives the iPod touch the ability to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive text messages. It […]

Send a text to open a door
Are you the kind of person who is always leaving keys at home or at the office and constantly find yourself stuck out of the house? Well don’t worry, because traditional keys will soon be a thing of the past. Someone managed to build an unlocking contraption for the door of his house and shared a video of it online. To unlock his door, all he has to do is […]

Text adventure games to debut on e-readers
We’re pretty sure that a fair number of you out there have checked out text-based adventure games in the past when IRC was all the rage in communicating with your friends, and webcams were far from what they were today. Well, fast forward a decade plus or so and you have e-book readers and tablets proliferating the market. Is there a place for vintage text-based adventure games then? The answer […]

Study Finds 72 Percent of Adults Now Texting in U.S.
The number of texters have increased in America, and the latest study finds that 72 percent of adults in the U.S. are now texting. Some are citing the higher prices of a la carte pay as you go texting options and the lower prices of unlimited texting plans as reasons for the increase in the number of texting adults, but one thing’s for sure–the technology is catching on.According to the […]

Microsoft Kin One and Two Pricing, Specs and Release Date
We gave you an early peek at the upcoming Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two phones, and we told you that they were coming on Verizon’s network this month. Well, the time has come and we have the details about the launch, the specifications and most importantly, the pricing. Both Kin phones will be available on May 6th at, and in Verizon’s stores on May 13th for a price […]