AmberWatch SafeText

Protext Mobility has just announced the launch of their new app for Android devices called SafeText. The aim of the app? To enable and empower parents with an “easy to use, robust set of tools and features designed to help and protect and manage their children’s text messaging activities against cyber-bullying and other threats that exist in the digital world.” Basically this app gives parents the ability to monitor whatever their kids are using their phones to text about without having to actually read every single text they send or receive. SafeText is an automated tool that can scan texts using AmberWatch’s Smart Message Analyzer to pick up any red flags that parents should be notified about. This includes hard to understand words (for adults) especially if the kid is into using slang and uncommon phrases. Parents can even add custom keywords to look out for just in case SafeText doesn’t catch them, and it can automatically send to you your child’s GPS location whenever it triggers an explicit word. AmberWatch SafeText is available now for any Android phone, for more details head over to their website.

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