Yap VoicemailYap has just announced that they’ve released the Yap Voicemail app for Android phones on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The app converts voicemails into text, which makes it easier to access, search and respond to voicemail messages. This also allows users to quickly determine how important voicemails are – by just taking a quick glance at a voicemail converted to text, they’ll know what’s going on without having to listen to the whole thing. Details such as dates, numbers and addresses are also stored as text, making it easier to refer to without having to listen to the voicemail, jotting down notes with a pen on paper. While Sprint was announced as the only carrier to have their services fully integrated with Google Voice yesterday, it looks like they’ve been left out of the Yap bandwagon. It’s not like Sprint needs it anyway, since Google Voice offers voicemail-to-text as well, but it would’ve been great to know that extra options were available. Yap is available for download on the Android Market now for phones running Android 2.0 and higher.

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