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Windows 9 Preview Screenshots Leaked
We know that Microsoft is hard at work developing the next iteration of Windows. Some refer to it by the Threshold codename, others believe it will be distributed as Windows 9. Rumor has it that Microsoft is going to release a technology preview of the new iteration later this month. The company itself has not confirmed anything as yet but today some alleged screenshots from this preview have leaked online.

Windows 9 Announcement Reportedly Set For September 30th
There has been much speculation about the next Windows iteration recently, we have seen some details being leaked out as well and according to a new report published today the date of the announcement has also been set. Apparently Microsoft is going to announce Windows 9 on September 30th. At the press preview event the company is likely going to introduce changes that have been made to this iteration of […]

Windows 9 Preview Release Expected Next Month
The rumor mill has been constantly churning up the same narrative for the future of Windows. Apparently Microsoft wants to put Windows 8.1 behind and start new with the next iteration, Windows 9 aka “Threshold.” Some major changes are expected in the next iteration and if recent reports are true perhaps the Windows 9 preview release will take place in September. Multiple sources have reportedly claimed that Microsoft is now aiming […]

Charms Bar In Windows 9 Expected To Be Revamped
It is evident that Microsoft has now shifted its focus to the next Windows iteration, believed to be codenamed Threshold. The company isn’t releasing any new features in updates for Windows 8.1 and recent reports suggest that it plans to ship a public preview of Windows 9 by the end of this year. Unlike in the past no pre-release builds of the next iteration have leaked as yet but reports […]


Leaked Windows Build Offers A Look At The Start Menu
A build of the next major Windows update is believed to have leaked online. Microsoft has already said that it is going to bring back the start menu in the next major update. A screenshot that appeared online today gives us a look at how the Start menu might look once it finally makes its way back to Windows. Evidently it’s a departure from the classic Start menu as this appears to […]

Windows 9 Public Preview Release Expected Later This Year
In the near future Microsoft is going to release the second update for Windows 8.1. Even though it continues to work on this update the focus at Redmond seems to be at the next iteration of Windows, codenamed Threshold, and believed to be branded Windows 9 when it finally hits shelves next year. A new report published today claims that it is possible for Microsoft to go ahead with a […]

Windows 8 Threshold Could Bring Back Full Start Menu Experience [Rumor]
When Microsoft first introduced Windows 8, it thought it could do away with the beloved “Start” button, which apparently they were wrong as Windows customers showed just how much they missed the button through feedback of the software. Windows 8.1 brought back the Start button, but it still doesn’t offer the traditional Windows Start button experience we’ve all become accustomed to. It looks like Windows 8.2 may finally give us […]

Threshold Could Be Next Windows Update Wave
Microsoft has seemingly taken the move to work with a rapid release cycle for its Windows operating system, and ‘Blue’ happens to be one of their end results. Well, what comes after ‘Blue’? One thing is for sure – Microsoft has not decided to fall on a range of colors, but rather, has chosen the name “Threshold”, and Microsoft intends to target a release date sometime later in Spring of […]