A build of the next major Windows update is believed to have leaked online. Microsoft has already said that it is going to bring back the start menu in the next major update. A screenshot that appeared online today gives us a look at how the Start menu might look once it finally makes its way back to Windows. Evidently it’s a departure from the classic Start menu as this appears to have Metro influence as well. This looks quite similar to other screenshots of the Start menu that we have seen up till now.

The build 9788 of Windows’ next big update is floating around the internet though it hasn’t been fully leaked. Seeing as how screenshots are gradually appearing online it may only be a matter of time before the entire build itself is leaked online.

It is believed that the next major update will actually be called Windows 9. Microsoft is reportedly bent to dumping the Windows 8 brand as it hasn’t been much of a success. Codenamed Threshold, recent reports suggest that the update is currently in the pipeline so its likely that more than a few things might change before its finally ready for release.

Don’t be put off by the Windows 8.1 Pro branding you see in this screenshot. Neowin claims to have spoken with a source which says that this screenshot appears to be legitimate and that internally at Microsoft these builds are still using this branding.

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