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Judge Rules AT&T's Merger With Time Warner Can Go Through
The Justice Department had filed a lawsuit against the proposed merger of AT&T with Time Warner and it argued that the deal would be anti-competitive. However, a judge has now ruled that the merger can go through and many are saying that this could turn out to be one of the most consequential antitrust decisions in recent years. The decision thus clears the path for AT&T to merge with Time […]

Apple Reportedly 'Not Interested' In Time Warner Acquisition
It has been rumored for the past couple of years that Apple is interested in acquiring Time Warner. The company hasn’t ever made a formal bid and it’s chances of making one now seem quite slim given that AT&T has agreed to acquire Time Warner for $84.5 billion. Recent reports suggested that a major investment bank was pushing Apple to consider making a bid but the latest from the street […]

Goldman Sachs Reportedly Pushing Apple To Bid For Time Warner
AT&T formally announced last week that it has agreed to acquire Time Warner for $85.4 billion. The deal is subject to regulatory approval and if the company receives a competing offer before the deal is closed, it has a responsibility to its shareholders to consider the bid. Apple was said to be keeping an eye on the AT&T/Time Warner deal and a new report suggests that major investment bank Goldman […]

AT&T Announces $85.4 Billion Acquisition Of Time Warner
It was reported earlier this week that AT&T was in advanced talks to buy media conglomerate Time Warner and now the company has officially announced its bid. AT&T has made a $85.4 billion acquisition bid for Time Warner and unless there’s a competing bid and barring any regulatory hurdles, there’s a good chance that this deal will go through.


Time Warner Invests $580 Million In Hulu, Will Offer Its Cable Channels For Live Streaming
The online video streaming company Hulu is a joint venture between industry giants – Disney, Comcast, and 21st Century Fox – and now it’s getting a fourth parent company. It has been announced today that Time Warner has acquired a 10 percent stake in Hulu by investing $580 million. This values the ten-year old service at $5.8 billion. Time Warner also confirmed that it’s going to be providing its suite […]

Apple Reportedly Considered Acquiring Time Warner In 2015
While the latest Apple TV refresh is no slouch, it certainly pales in comparison to the rumored plans that Apple originally had for the device, which was to offer up more content like original programming, something that the company is reportedly still planning. However interestingly enough, Apple did consider acquiring some media companies to help bolster those efforts.

Hulu Could No Longer Offer Next-Day Streaming
One major advantage Hulu has over its competitors is that it gives subscribers the ability to stream certain shows the very next day after they’ve been aired. That really is something worth paying for since it can take several months for new seasons of shows to arrive on other services like Netflix. However, if a new report is to be believed, Hulu could stop offering next-day streaming.

Time Warner Cable Kicks Off Roku TV Beta Service
It looks like if you absolutely love the wireless lifestyle and happen to live in New York City, then there is a new option to stream live TV thanks to Time Warner Cable’s effort in kicking off its Roku TV beta service today. This unique Roku TV beta service will be able to offer Internet-only customers to stream live television through a Roku 3 player, and beta testers will be […]

Time Warner Cable Outage Resolved
It looks like the outage experienced by Time Warner Cable earlier this morning has been resolved, and the world (or rather, folks over in the U.S.) will be able to resume their connected lives without feeling as though a part of them is ‘dead’ because they have lost their connection to the virtual world. It must be noted that the Internet outage has impacted over 11 million customers at Time […]

Time Warner Experiences Major Outage
Is it a case of outage musical chairs that is being played out at the moment? Time Warner is the latest company to fall victim when it comes to its Internet services offered to those living in the U.S., and it certainly looks as though the East Coast has been affected a whole lot more seriously than anywhere else. Needless to say, Time Warner customers who were less than pleased […]

Comcast And Time Warner Cable Merged
Comcast has agreed to take in Time Warner Cable in the latest corporate merger over in the U.S., where this agreement happens to be a friendly, stock-for-stock transaction. In this particular merger, Comcast will pick up every single bit of Time Warner Cable’s 284.9 million shares which amounts to roughly $45.2 billion where equity value is concerned, and each Time Warner Cable share will be exchanged for 2.875 shares of […]

TWC TV App On The Xbox 360 Gets Video On Demand (VOD)
It was just last week that we brought you word of Time Warner Cable (TWC) adding in TWC TV app support to a different platform in due time, and we are glad to say that the day has finally arrived. The TWC TV app was launched on the Xbox 360 platform in August earlier this year, and there was also the promise to offer Video On Demand (VOD) capability before […]

Time Warner Streaming TNT, TBS On Multiple Devices Starting This Summer
ABC looks like it won’t be the only television channel to offer an application making it possible for viewers to watch live TV on their mobile devices as Time Warner is now looking to stream some of its channels as well.Time Warner’s TNT and TBS are being planned to be streamable online across multiple devices starting this summer. Like ABC’s offering, those looking to watch TBS and TNT will need to […]

Time Warner, Apple In Negotiations To Add HBO Go To Apple TV This Year
Nowadays, you can watch streaming video through a number of ways that include accessing a service’s application on a video game console, a SmartTV or simply by visiting the service’s website on your computer. Because of that, we probably have become somewhat jaded at the fact that nearly everything around us can serve as online video streamers and when a particular product doesn’t offer those experiences, we tend to scoff […]