time-warner-cableIt looks like the outage experienced by Time Warner Cable earlier this morning has been resolved, and the world (or rather, folks over in the U.S.) will be able to resume their connected lives without feeling as though a part of them is ‘dead’ because they have lost their connection to the virtual world. It must be noted that the Internet outage has impacted over 11 million customers at Time Warner Cable, going to show just how reliant the economy is on a dependable broadband network.

In fact, Time Warner Cable saw more than 10,000 problem reports filed in a matter of just a few hours across cities such as Los Angeles; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Buffalo, New York. Close to 94% of the reported problems were actually related to Internet service. At least the service has since been restored, as Time Warner Cable tweeted, “TWC apologizes for Net outage that occurred early AM. We restored services at 6AM ET & customers can contact @TWC_Help anytime as needed.”

It must be noted that some users claimed otherwise on Twitter, saying that their services were restored only closer to 8am ET. If you were a Time Warner Cable subscriber or customer, how has this outage affected your day, and did it get restored in time for you to be productive?

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