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Japan's Willcom WX03A handset is the size of a box of mints
We have the world’s smallest camera and a phone that has made it into the Guinness World Records as being the world’s toughest phone, so let’s add on to that ever-growing “world’s” list with Japan’s Willcom WX03A handset, which is reportedly among one of the world’s lightest and smallest phones to date.

Verbatim Store 'n' Stay USB Drive is the size of a dime
Tired of misplacing USB thumb drives because you have to keep removing them from your laptop every time you pack it up to move somewhere? Well, the folks at Verbatim have got some good news for you. They’ve just announced a new series of USB drives called the Store ‘n’ Stay. Featuring a tiny foot print, no larger than a dime, these memory sticks can stay plugged in to your […]

Stealth Little PCs pack a punch
Stealth Company, a computer systems manufacturer known for their rugged hardware have announced a new series of powerful, small form factor PCs. Called the Little PC 670, these tiny computers are amazing space savers. If you’re constantly on the move, but want the luxury of a full sized monitor, the Little PC 670 can make life much easier for you. Since they are so small – measuring only 6.54″ x […]

Fuuvi camera takes pictures and reads your SD cards
Some of the most common devices that make use of microSD cards we use today are digital cameras and MicroSD card readers. Well some of you might argue that digital cameras can be used as microSD card readers as well, but that’s besides the point. Can your microSD card reader take photographs? I didn’t think so. Well, the folks at Fuuvi, have released a tiny microSD reader/camera and boy it […]


MAME-CAM DX looks like it was built for gnomes
Thanko has just announced the release of a new micro camera called the MAME-CAM DX. Despite its miniscule size, it’s no slouch when it comes to taking photographs. This 8 megapixel device weights only 14g and can take photographs (JPEG) at 3,264 x 2,448 resolution. If still images aren’t enough for you, the camera doubles up as a video recorder, taking 30fps videos (AVI) at 1,280 x 960 resolution. It […]

Siemens introduces the iMini: the tiny hearing aid
Siemens Hearing Instruments has just introduced a new hearing aid, called the iMini, a custom made hearing aid that is extremely tiny and effective. The iMini digital hearing aid is placed deep into the bendable, cartilaginous portion of the ear canal where it does its job in amplifying the noise of your surroundings, while staying hidden from sight. So for those of you who don’t like the idea of a […]

DreamPlug is a tiny computer that plugs into a wall socket
Plug computers are tiny computers that plug directly into your wall sockets, saving you tonnes of space and leaving you with a clear desk. But unlike typical PCs, they don’t have any video card for output, so they are essentially machines without screens. These devices are ideally used as web servers that need to stay on and connected all the time, without using much power. The DreamPlug measures only 110mm […]

The Trim Slice is one slim computer
CompuLab, an Israel-based manufacturer that specializes in small computers have announced that they will be releasing another super small PC in the near future. Called the Trim Slice, this tiny PC really is something. Its dimensions are only 130 x 95 x 15 mm, which means that you’ll be able to carry it around in your pocket if you wanted. Of course you won’t have the mouse, keyboard and monitor […]

CHOBICAM1 is a camera that fits in your palm
Ever feel like your DSLR camera is much too heavy for you to lug around everywhere you go? That’s probably because you’re carrying a regular sized on. Say hello to the CHOBICAM1 – the new super-tiny camera from Japan Trust Technology (JTT). This ulti-small camera is barely the size of an eraser and only weighs 12g!  It’s so tiny you can easily put it into your pocket without any trouble. […]

Germans develop a remote-controlled stomach submarine
If you’ve ever had a medical examination where the doctor stuffed a video camera tube into your mouth and you just feel like puking all the time? Well, thanks to some scientists in Germany, you won’t have to in the future. They recently announced the successful creation of a swallowable, remote controlled video-cam “capsule” submarine that can be used to explore a patient’s insides without the need for an uncomfortable […]

Tiny Swiftpoint Wireless Mouse Visits The FCC
You might remember the Swiftpoint Mouse, which is a tiny mouse that’s small enough to be held between your fingers like a pen, and rested on small surfaces such as the palm rest of your notebook. This mouse has taken the time to pay a visit to the FCC, bringing it one step closer to arriving at your doorstep. It sports a 1000 dpi sensor and is wireless, being able […]