StomachIf you’ve ever had a medical examination where the doctor stuffed a video camera tube into your mouth and you just feel like puking all the time? Well, thanks to some scientists in Germany, you won’t have to in the future. They recently announced the successful creation of a swallowable, remote controlled video-cam “capsule” submarine that can be used to explore a patient’s insides without the need for an uncomfortable cable running down the throat or up the bottom. These capsules, when swallowed, can be controlled from outside a patient’s body using magnets to direct the cameras which way to point and where to go, causing no discomfort to the patient and yet giving the doctor a good view of what’s inside his/her body at the same time. They performed tests on 10 healthy individuals with good results, so we might be able to see this technology being used sometime in the near future. Finally, we can put an end to sticking cameras up our bums.

[image credit: yourdictionary]

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