Domo Toaster
Breakfast time (as well as tea time, as one can always have buttered toast during tea, too) is said by some to be the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a fun time while you are at it? Do not just settle for any ordinary toaster, especially when you can have some fan art burned right into your slices of bread in the form of […]

The Hue Toaster Ensures The Perfect Toast Every Time
You know the saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Having said that, I am quite sure that most of us would agree that the evolution of the humble toaster stopped a long time ago, with only newer designs being the only thing that is “exciting” whenever a new model appears. This could be why there is no fanfare for a new toaster being released by consumer electronics […]

Toaster tells the weather while popping you breakfast
Some of us think that the best things in life are simple items – such as some home-made jam, butter and freshly made toast. Well, if you want to spruce up your dining room with a unique toaster to go along with the rest of the appliances there, how about keeping your fingers crossed that this conceptual toaster would actually be funded to make its way across the manufacturing line? […]

Breville VTT296 radio toaster keeps you entertained in the kitchen
Nobody likes waiting for their toaster to toast their bread, and so the folks at Breville have decided to make the whole waiting process a little more bearable by giving you some music to listen to while you wait. Combining a toaster with a radio, they created the VTT296, a slice radio toaster. This toaster can toast two slices of bread at once for you while pumping tunes out from […]


XToaster360: Xbox 360 crammed into a toaster, still plays games
Think that your Xbox 360 doesn’t look menacing enough? Maybe you’d want to associate your precious gaming console with something that’s literally hot, such as a toaster. We’re talking about the XToaster360 mod, which sees an Xbox 360 console’s guts crammed into a toaster, complete with fancy blue lights. The console obviously still plays your favorite games, though it doesn’t seem like it’s capable of heating up your bagels anymore, […]

Concept: Halo Toaster Wrap
Making toast probably isn’t the highlight of your day, but it could be a lot more fun if we all used this flexible Halo Toaster concept. It’s basically a large flexible heating element, allowing you to fold it over your bread like a blanket. In order to prevent your toast from being burnt, there will be a color indicator right above your toast, turning red when your toast is ready. […]

Smile Cooking Toaster
Check out this rather unique concept of a toaster known as the Smile Cooking Toaster – it comes in a transparent form factor, boasting an electric-heating nano-membrane as well as a variety of smiley faces that you can choose to have appear on your bread once it is ready to eat. The see-through material used allows you to see the bread being toasted as well as the smiley appearing gradually […]

Downtown Breakfast Set
Check out the Downtown Breakfast Set modular tray concept which hides a lithium-ion battery inside, where it also sports a pad-based coffeemaker, milk foamer and toaster. Its greatest virtue would be the ability to place it just about anywhere you like, although it does not address the issue of breadcrumbs falling down all over the place as you take numerous bites off your toast. Looks like the Wii from some […]

Printer Toaster
It isn’t everyday that you find a toaster design which picks up a prize at the Berner Design Awards, but guess the planets are all aligned correctly this time round with the Printer Toaster by Othmar Mühlebach. It looks modern and yet retro simultaneously, dropping your toast in a similar manner as an old school printer or fax machine. Too bad the lower tray will gather up crumbs much faster […]

Handheld Portable Toaster
Korean designer Been Kim must really love toasted bread with the new handheld portable toaster design you see here. Apparently, all you need to do is run it over your bread just like a huge butter knife, and it will toast that particular side of the bread. Guess you ought to be extra careful when brandishing this unless you want to suffer from an accidental burn! There is an LCD […]