Some of us think that the best things in life are simple items – such as some home-made jam, butter and freshly made toast. Well, if you want to spruce up your dining room with a unique toaster to go along with the rest of the appliances there, how about keeping your fingers crossed that this conceptual toaster would actually be funded to make its way across the manufacturing line? The Jamy toaster concept is the brainchild of Nathan Brunstein, where it relies on integrated Wi-Fi connectivity to pull weather information from a server somewhere, so that what pops out from the toaster will provide basic weather information for the day as such as the sky’s prognosis as well as temperature.

Once you have gobbled down the weather report, you can head to the office (or wherever you are headed to) with a smug look, knowing that the umbrella you carry in your hands is not there for show or to beat up some bullies around the neighborhood, but to help keep you nice and dry when the heavens open. The Wi-Fi cheap would need to be pretty heat-resistant though, or is well insulated from the heating element in the toaster if it were to last, don’t you think so? Not too sure how the Jamy Toaster knows where you are located though.

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