domo-toasterBreakfast time (as well as tea time, as one can always have buttered toast during tea, too) is said by some to be the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a fun time while you are at it? Do not just settle for any ordinary toaster, especially when you can have some fan art burned right into your slices of bread in the form of the $49 Domo Toaster. I don’t think that you need anyone to tell a Domo-kun fan that this is the toaster to purchase the next time the missus or mom mentioned in passing that their toaster is kaput.

The Domo Toaster does not only look extremely cool, it is also very light to tote around, and most importantly, it will be able to make Domo faces on your toast, so much so that you might even feel bad for biting into your toast. Would you pick up the Domo Toaster if you had a choice for other designs?

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