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The Grand Tour Show Release Date Confirmed
For decades, the BBC’s popular Top Gear motoring show was hosted by the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May trio. They left the BBC together after Clarkson was let go following an altercation with a producer. The trio then ended up at Amazon where they were given a new motoring show, the name of this show was confirmed late last year and it has now finally been revealed when […]

Top Gear USA Cancelled
You might have heard that the most watched car show in the world went through some drastic changes last year after one of the three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, did not have his contract renewed by the BBC owing to a fracas with a producer. The BBC has since rebooted Top Gear with a new concept and a new lineup but while comparisons are inevitably being drawn between the told and […]

Ex-Top Gear Trio Confirm Name Of New Amazon Motoring Show
If you’ve ever seen Top Gear then you will certainly know of Jeremy Clarkson and his mates Richard Hammond and James May. The trio used to host the popular motoring show on BBC for quite a long time but have since left the network and ended up at Amazon where they have been creating a new motoring show from the ground up. We didn’t know what it was called until […]

Netflix Obtains Rights To New 'Top Gear'
Having friends just about anywhere and everywhere is always a good and welcome thing – and in the case of Netflix, it looks set to benefit them in the long run as well. Old ally BBC can be said to have played an instrumental role in ensuring that Netflix would obtain the rights to the new Top Gear series, and that has indeed happened in the end.


New Top Gear Trailer Confirms Release Month
Top Gear is one of the most popular TV shows, watched by millions around the world, it truly is the best motoring show that has ever hit the airwaves. It went through a big shakeup during the past year following a fracas between lead man Jeremy Clarkson and a producer, which led to Clarkson and his team leaving BBC. The company then brought on an entirely new lineup of hosts and […]

New Top Gear Reportedly Being Courted By Netflix
Millions of people around the world are looking forward to the new Top Gear as the entire presenter lineup has been changed following last year’s events which left Jeremy Clarkson and his mates out of a job at the BBC. The trio is now filming a new car show for Amazon while a report out of the United Kingdom claims that Netflix is trying to come to an agreement to […]

Amazon's Motoring Show Finally Starts Filming
BBC’s Top Gear was undoubtedly the most watched motoring show in the world. Things went south last year when lead presenter Jeremy Clarkson was involved in a fracas with a producer which resulted in his contract not being renewed. He and the other two presenters left for Amazon and Clarkson has now confirmed that Amazon’s motoring show has finally started filming.

'Friends' Star Matt LeBlanc To Co-Host The New Top Gear
As many have heard by now, the BBC’s Top Gear was in a bit of a flux last year when one of its hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, got involved in an altercation with one of the show’s producers, leading to him and his other two co-hosts departing the show for good. Later, the BBC tapped Chris Evans to be the host, and now it looks like the show has gotten one […]

Netflix Reportedly Taps Ex Top Gear Hosts For 'House Of Cars'
The future of Top Gear hangs in the balance since host Jeremy Clarkson was sacked following a fracas with a producer a couple of months back. Fellow hosts James May and Richard Hammond left the BBC motoring show as they firmly believed it wouldn’t make sense to continue without Clarkson. There have been rumors ever since then that the trio could land on Netflix. A report out of the UK claims that they’re […]