top_gearHaving friends just about anywhere and everywhere is always a good and welcome thing – and in the case of Netflix, it looks set to benefit them in the long run as well. Old ally BBC can be said to have played an instrumental role in ensuring that Netflix would obtain the rights to the new Top Gear series, and that has indeed happened in the end.

While a deal has already been struck, it looks like there are still finer details that need to be ironed out before things get clearer for everyone. It is not surprising at all that the BBC and Netflix have come to an agreement, taking into consideration how older seasons of the motoring show that had Jeremy Clarkson helming it had also been made available on the streaming service for a degree of time already. Hence, this particular move would not end up as a deterrent or destructive quality to this particular working relationship.

So far, Netflix executives had remained quiet on the regions in which the new Top Gear will be made available to, rather, they cited that the terms are more or less similar to what existing agreements are in place between the two entities. Of course, Netflix will pick up select rights in territories where the BBC does not have syndication deals.

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