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Safeflame Torch Creates Fire Only From Water
When you think of fire, the only way water is thrown into the equation is in order to help control the blazing inferno in hopes to extinguish it. But scientist have invented a new welding flame that is comprised entirely of water as it’s main fuel source. The Safeflame has the ability to split water into oxygen and hydrogen to then recombine them outside of the torch’s mouth in order […]

Dynamo Torch Pig Shape - cute but grammatically incorrect
Trust the Chinese to come up with this particular bit of Engrish – the “Dynamo Torch Pig Shape”. I admit it took a couple of seconds to understand what it was supposed to be, but in the end, it became clear – this is a battery-free torch that will come in handy during emergencies, since it is a hand-cranked device that needs not rely on batteries. You can choose from […]

New BlackBerry Bold and Torch release dates and details unveiled
The brand new BlackBerry phones are finally on their way to the nation’s carriers. So if you’ve got your eyes set on any of the devices be prepared to fork out the cash very soon. AT&T will be getting the Torch 9810 – which will run on the carrier’s 4G LTE network, and can be purchased on August 21st.

New BlackBerry phones arriving on Sprint - August 21st
Want to know how much you’ll be forking out if you plan to get the one of the next generation BlackBerry devices? Thanks to the folks at BGR who managed to get their hands on an upcoming Sprint flier, we now have the prices for the phones when they go on sale later this year.


HexBright is an open source light
If you’ve always wanted to program your own torch lights, the folks behind HexBright have got the device of your dreams. Called the HexBright, it will come in two models – the regular HexBright Prime that functions as a regular torch light, and the HexBright Flex that gives you the option to program the device.Now you must be thinking – why in the world would I want a programmable light, […]

Rayovac brings indestructible torchlight on a nationwide tour
Rayovac has just announced a nationwide tour where they will be showing off their new torchlight. Called the Indstructible Tour, Rayovac will be hitting different states around the US and showing off just how indestructible their torch light is. The Indestructible light has a body made from aluminum and titanium, and pack a set of LED lights with a brightness of 100-150 lumens. The torchlight is built to withstand 30-foot […]

Klipsch S5i Rugged Earphones
Don’t you just hate it when your earphones drop into the snow, and you accidentally step on them, water enters the speakers and they become unusable for the rest of the trip? Klipsch understands that, and have come up with a solution to the problem. Touted as extremely rugged earphones, these babies are said to be able to withstand extreme conditions and punishments that you put them through. Durable, yet […]

BlackBerry Torch Review
The Blackberry Torch has been launched recently with relatively little fanfare, but signs point to the fact that it has taken the position of “best blackberry ever” from the Bold 9700. The Torch is now available on AT&T’s network and other carriers will undoubtedly follow. Because it features a touch screen, a physical keyboard and an updated OS + browser, the Blackberry Torch goes above and beyond any Blackberry before […]

BlackBerry 9300, 9670, and 9800 All Caught On Video
Want to get your daily fix of BlackBerry news? It seems that someone out there managed to get his hands on three unreleased BlackBerry phones, which include the Curve 9300, the BlackBerry 9670 flip phone, and the BlackBerry 9800 slider (which is powered by OS 6). The videos have been posted online, and you can check them out after the jump. Let us know what you think about them.