If you’ve always wanted to program your own torch lights, the folks behind HexBright have got the device of your dreams. Called the HexBright, it will come in two models – the regular HexBright Prime that functions as a regular torch light, and the HexBright Flex that gives you the option to program the device.

Now you must be thinking – why in the world would I want a programmable light, and what am I supposed to do with it? Well, that’s the beauty of the open source project – even the creators of HexBright don’t know what people will do with it. What they do know is that people do want the ability to program a torch light to do whatever they want (whatever it is), and they’ve launched a Kickstarter page for the special torch lights.

The HexBright has long surpassed its goals to get kick started, but they’re still taking pre-orders for 38 more days just in case anybody would like to get their hands on the HexBright lights for a lower price before they make it to retail channels.

The HexBright Prime (unprogrammable) will cost $35 and has a max output of 350 lumens, while the HexBright Flex will cost $60, is programmable and will output up to 500 lumens. The HexBright Prime runs on regular batteris while the Flex will be USB rechargeable (that’s how you program the device as well, plug it into your computer). If you’re interested in finding out more about the project or preordering one of these open source lights, check out the HexBright kickstarter page.

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