Trust the Chinese to come up with this particular bit of Engrish – the “Dynamo Torch Pig Shape”. I admit it took a couple of seconds to understand what it was supposed to be, but in the end, it became clear – this is a battery-free torch that will come in handy during emergencies, since it is a hand-cranked device that needs not rely on batteries. You can choose from a variety of colors, and the two snouts will hold a LED light in each nostril. A secondary switch that is located on the device’s side will turn the bulbs on or off, where they emit an extremely bright, blue-white light. I guess you need not wait until emergencies to use this, since it is good enough to see action on camping trips and the like.

The Dynamo Torch Pig Shape measures 106mm x 51mm × 44mm, tipping the scales at a mere 63 grams. Best of all would be the relatively rock bottom price of around $6.50 conversion, and therein concludes my share of the crazy gadget for the day.

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