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Samsung Galaxy Camera Review
For the past few years we have been waiting for a functional Android camera, something that we deem to be “unavoidable”, so we were very glad to see Samsung launch its Galaxy Camera at IFA in Berlin in September. One of the previous attempt was released by Polaroid at CES 2012, however the design was far from being good enough, and much needed to be improved (design, performance, optics, Android […]

HP ElitePad 900 Business Tablet with Windows 8
The new HP ElitePad 900 is an elegant business tablet running Windows 8  that is easy to repair and offers military-grade durability for drops, vibration, dust, temperature extremes and high altitude. The 1.5 pounds (680 grams) and 9.2 millimeter thick device provides a good visual experience on its 10.1 inch display (1280×800) with 16:10 aspect ratio that features Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It features a good build quality thanks to […]

Touch screen functionality coming to ultrabooks?
One of the reasons Intel has been pushing the ultrabook standard pretty hard is due to the recent increase of tablet adoption. With laptops starting to look more bulky compared to a tablet, Intel wanted a happy middle that would give users the power of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. Now according to Digitimes’ sources, it seems that ultrabooks may be taking it one step further with […]

Obscura Digital to add a bit of "magic" to the healthcare industry
Hospitals can be rather drab and dreary places, although to be fair no one said anything about these places being bright and cheery either. Well perhaps to shake things up a bit and add a little bit of “magic” to the place, Obscura Digtial (the company famous for the YouTube symphony orchestra and a 26-story high projection on Coca-Cola’s HQ) will be bringing some of that “magic” to the health […]


Swatch Touch watches officially unveiled
Watches with touch screens aren’t exactly new. There have been concepts drawn up in the past, and even the latest iPod Nano can double up as a watch with touch screen capabilities, but now it looks like Swatch, the popular watchmaker, has hopped aboard the bandwagon and officially announced their Swatch Touch series of watches.Doing away with traditional buttons, the Swatch Touch will instead feature a touch screen LCD that […]

Padzilla transforms your iPad into a 150-inch touch screen display
It was just yesterday that we reported on how a man created his very own 23” Android tablet which has been dubbed the “MegaPad”. If you thought that 23” was big, Crunchy Logistics’s Padzilla case for iOS may cause your eyes to widen perhaps by 3-7 times.

A concept interactive drafting desk for architectures and designers
When it comes to architecture and designing, having a wide work desk will be instrumental in helping you draw out designs and blueprints. However if having piles of paper on your desk, or rolls of blueprints sounds too messy, then perhaps this concept interactive drafting desk by A’s dream might be something you could look out for in the near future.

Curved touchscreen measures 33-feet long
Ever wonder just how large a touchscreen display can get? How about 33 feet? That’s measures to around 10 meters if you’re chugging along to the metric system, and to make matters more interesting, this touchscreen display is curved and put together by some boffins from the University of Groningen. A trio of computers will handle the touch detection, while another one processes all the incoming touch input. Relying on […]

Samsung LED 8000 Series: 240Hz 3D LED TV with Touch Control TV Remote
[CES 2011] “3D, thinner, more connected, better performances” is Samsung’s moto at CES this year and the new UND8000 3D LED HDTV is one of the great example in the Samsung’s product lineup. In addition to its redesigned slim 0.2″ wide metal bezel, the Smart TV features a full web browser, media search and a recommendation feature, built-in WiFi, and supports Bluetooth connection for 3D glasses, improving on the line-of-sight, […]

Synaptics Targets Tablets with ClearPad Touchscreen
Synaptics is gunning for the tablet market with its ClearPad 7200 touchscreen solution. OEMs can pick up Synaptics’ solution and integrate it easily into their tablet designs, which will give their products added functionality over competing products, such as 10-finger recognition, complex gesture support, high precision and low latency input. The ClearPad 7200 is designed to work with Windows 7 slates, Android tablets, and other Linux-based systems and will come […]

Dell Mini 10v hacked with touchscreen display
Check out this Dell Mini 10v that has been hacked to include a touchscreen display instead of the regular one, giving you access to its icons with but a single tap instead of double clicking. Using an $85 kit from Hoda, it is unfortunate that none of the cables packaged with the display would work with the Mini 10v’s innards, so it required some tinkering on Weathejx’s part to get […]

Samsung To Begin Mass Producing AMOLED Touch Screens
Samsung Mobile Display has announced that it will begin mass producing the world’s first touchscreen AMOLED panel in March. It’ll be a 3.3-inch WVGA (480 x 800) resolution AMOLED panel. Until now, touch screens were made by separately connecting the display and the touch panel, but now Samsung has placed a touch sensor over the mirror display. With the sensor’s thickness at just 0.001mm, it allows the screen to offer […]

Pressure sensitive touchscreen displays a very real possibility
Haven’t you heard? The future is an exciting one, with quantum tunneling being applied to make pressure sensitive touchscreen displays a very real possibility sometime in the near future, thanks to the boffins at UK-based Peratech. This new methodology involves a 75-micrometer quantum tunneling composite which allows display makers to add to their screens without adding too much cost or going through too much trouble in the process. This new […]

Malata R108T gets rotating touchscreen display
Malata might not be a household name at the moment, but they’re surely going in the right direction if they continue to unleash devices such as the Malata R108T. It will come in a range of interesting colors including Ferrari Red, Piano Black, Coffee, Gold and Champagne, and it doesn’t hurt that it boasts a 10″ rotating touchscreen display as well, allowing you to turn it into an impromptu tablet. […]