When it comes to architecture and designing, having a wide work desk will be instrumental in helping you draw out designs and blueprints. However if having piles of paper on your desk, or rolls of blueprints sounds too messy, then perhaps this concept interactive drafting desk by A’s dream might be something you could look out for in the near future.

The inspiration behind this design was taken from the BendDesk, but unlike the BendDesk, this interactive drafting desk is completely touch screen based, meaning all your work can be accomplished with your fingers (or possibly even a stylus). If this sounds like science fiction or something taken out of television shows and movies, it’s really not as touch screens and multi-touch gestures already exist, although we’re guessing that building a touch screen of that size will probably cost a small fortune.

The designers have included a camera that would allow photos to be taken and sent directly to your computer, along with a projector which will allow you to project whatever you are working on, probably good for those times when you’re presenting to clients and want to make changes and modifications on the spot. On top of all of that, the design is pretty nice too.

Architectures out there reading this now, do you think that this interactive drafting desk will make a world of difference to the way you do things, or will it just be a potentially expensive novelty?

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