It was just yesterday that we reported on how a man created his very own 23” Android tablet which has been dubbed the “MegaPad”. If you thought that 23” was big, Crunchy Logistics’s Padzilla case for iOS may cause your eyes to widen perhaps by 3-7 times.

If you didn’t get the hint, that was us hinting that the Padzilla case for iOS comes in sizes of 70” and will be able to reach a maximum size of 150”. If the name Crunchy Logistics is familiar to you it’s because last month they unveiled a conference table sized display that featured touch screen capabilities. The Padzilla will be somewhere along those lines but it has been created for iOS devices in mind.

Apart from its monstrous proportions, you could think of the Padzilla as an external display for your iOS device that features touch screen capabilities as well. All you would have to do is plug your iOS device to the Padzilla and you’re good to go! Now if you’re thinking about getting one of these bad boys for your home or office, be prepared to shell out a fair amount for them.

The Padzillas are custom made which means that they can be built in pretty much any size you want, although 150” seems to be the maximum. According to Crunchy Logistics’s CEO Neil Dufva, a 70” model of the Padzilla will easily set you back $30,000-40,000. We’d hate to think how much the 150” model will cost, although the novelty of playing Fruit Ninja on a 150” display is quite hard to pass up. The good news? The iPad is included as well.

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