Microsoft Touchscreen patentA few months ago we wrote about Microsoft’s high-performance touchscreen technology which managed to reduce the delay that users experience when using a touchscreen. While we got to see an impressive demonstration video, it wasn’t really explained how the technology worked. For those of you who are curious, you’re in luck. In a recently surfaced patent application that Microsoft filed for its technology, the details behind how it works have been revealed.

According to the patent, the technology uses prediction of probabilities to guess where your fingertips will go next, pre-processing the most likely changes to the UI and caching the pre-processed results. This allows the delay that users experience on a touchscreen to be reduced to 1ms – an almost instantaneous response (that’s perceivable to humans). While we’re still years away from having the hardware capabilities to do so on our mobile devices, it’s good to know that somebody out there is working on it. Check out the video demonstration again below:

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