Toyota Cites Privacy Concerns Over Android Auto

While many carmakers have rushed to include features like Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, Toyota seems to be one of the few who are holding out, at least as far as Android Auto is concerned. Earlier this year Toyota announced plans to include CarPlay in future vehicles, but failed to mention anything about Android Auto.

Toyota Stops Testing Self-Driving Cars Following Fatal Uber Crash

A self-driving car owned by Uber was involved in an accident yesterday morning which resulted in the death of a pedestrian. As the investigation continues, Uber has grounded its entire fleet of self-driving cars until further notice. Toyota, the car manufacturer that just until a few days ago was said to be in negotiations to source self-driving car technology from Uber, has now decided to stop testing its self-driving cars […]

Uber Might Supply Self-Driving Technology To Toyota

There’s a reason why companies like Uber are working on self-driving car technology. You wouldn’t expect the ride-hailing service to actually build and sell a car of its own. The company is working on this technology in the hopes of selling it to conventional car manufacturers. This is why it’s not surprising to hear a new report claim that Uber is in talks with Japanese auto giant Toyota to supply […]

Toyota Diesel Cars Will No Longer Be Sold In Europe After 2018

Toyota is joining the growing list of car manufacturers who are dropping diesel-powered cars from their lineups, at least in Europe. The Japanese auto giant has confirmed today that it will no longer sell diesel cars in Europe after 2018. It will slowly phase out the diesel models from its lineup over the course of this year.


Toyota Investing Billions In New Self-Driving Car Company

Toyota is one of the many companies exploring self-driving car technologies for the future of mobility. The Japanese car giant has announced that it’s teaming up with two of its suppliers to set up a new company that will be dedicated to the research and development of autonomous cars. Toyota and its partners are going to invest almost $3 billion into this company which will work toward developing “product-quality software” […]

Toyota Finally Adopts Apple CarPlay

Apple’s CarPlay platform has been adopted by many major car manufacturers but one of the largest car makers on the planet held out for as long as it could before finally adopting the platform. Toyota has confirmed today that its 2019 Avalon and several other 2019 model year vehicles will come with Apple CarPlay as standard. The 2019 Toyota Avalon is the first car from the Japanese auto giant to […]

E-Palette Is Toyota’s Mobility Concept For Retail And E-Commerce

[CES 2018] Japanese auto giant Toyota unveiled a new mobility concept for retail and e-commerce called e-Palette. The e-Palette concept is centered around automated vehicles that can be customized to serve a wide variety of purposes. For example, one customer can configure it as a food truck while the other can add accommodation options to build a mobile hotel. The concept can serve as an on-demand taxi service, offer online […]

Toyota To Electrify All Cars By 2025

It goes without saying that electric and hybrid cars will be major players in the coming years and as one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, Toyota doesn’t want to be left behind. The Japanese behemoth has confirmed that it’s going to electrify its entire car lineup by 2025. This means that all of the cars it sells by then will have either an all-electric or a hybrid option.

Toyota, Panasonic Considering Joint Development Of EV Batteries

Despite cars being on the road for as long as they have, you couldn’t really say that we’ve perfected the design, as improvements can always be made to things like the engine, the aerodynamics, tires, and so on. The same is doubly true for electric cars which have been around for much less time.

Toyota’s Safety System Can Now Detect Pedestrians At Night

Driving at night can sometimes be a completely different experience compared to the day. You might be tired from school or work or a night out, it isn’t as bright, or sometimes you travel to places you’re not familiar with. This can pose a danger to yourself as well as to pedestrians, but Toyota is looking to do something about that.

Toyota And Mazda Will Work Together On Electric Cars

We’re seeing a lot of new partnerships in the electric and self-driving car market. Many companies in this market are gearing up for the future of the automotive industry. Japanese auto giant Toyota announced today that it has teamed up with Mazda and supplier Dense for technology development for electric cars.

Toyota’s New Fast-Charging Long-Range Electric Car May Be Out By 2022

Toyota appears to be aiming for a disruption in the electric car space. According to a new report, the company is working on an entirely new type of electric car which will be powered by a different type of battery. This will thus be a long-range fast-charging electric car. The new battery system will not only provide long range but also faster charge times. Toyota is reportedly aiming to sell […]

Toyota Wants To See Flying Cars In Time For The 2020 Olympics

In sci-fi TV shows, movies, and cartoons, if there is one piece of tecnhnology that we see quite often it is cars that can fly. The advantage is that without roads, there will be no traffic jams and people can get to their destinations faster. Unfortunately that future is far from being a reality, but Toyota is hoping to see that come 2020.

GM, Toyota, Lyft Want Standardized Self-Driving Regulations In The US

As it stands there isn’t a standard set of rules in place with regards to self-driving vehicles in the US. This is why when Uber’s self-driving program was put to a stop in California, all they had to do was ship their cars and their program over to Arizona where they were seemingly welcomed with open arms.