Driving at night can sometimes be a completely different experience compared to the day. You might be tired from school or work or a night out, it isn’t as bright, or sometimes you travel to places you’re not familiar with. This can pose a danger to yourself as well as to pedestrians, but Toyota is looking to do something about that.


The company has recently announced its next-gen SafetySense tech for its cars, where it will now be capable of detecting pedestrians at night and cyclists during the day, where if it detects someone in front of you, it will be able to slow down the car faster so as to prevent an accident. There will also be an upgraded lane departure alert system that has an improved road edge detection, along with an adaptive cruise control.

According to Chris Nielsen, executive vice president of product support and chief quality officer of Toyota Motor North America, “The second generation of Toyota Safety Sense takes our industry-leading suite of safety technologies to the next level, delivering new advanced and intuitive protections that are another step toward a future without traffic injuries or fatalities.”

Toyota claims that the new SafetySense will be rolled out to “certain vehicles” in mid-2018, but stopped short of specifying which models will be getting them, but we expect those details will be revealed soon enough.

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