The California wildfires have caused a lot of devastation. There have been casualties while countless people have had to evacuate their homes to survive. The fires have even laid waste to houses. The firefighters and first responders have done an incredible job of saving as many lives as possible, not caring about themselves or their possessions. That’s what nurse Allyn Pierce did as well. He drove his Toyota Tundra truck through the flames to help victims. His heroics have earned him a lot of praise and Toyota has now stepped up with an offer to replace his truck.


Pierce manages the intensive care unit at the Adventist Health Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California. The town has been badly affected by the fires. He drove his truck through the flames to get to the hospital where victims required medical assistance.

As people were trying to evacuate the streets were gridlocked because many of the cars up ahead on the road had been evacuated to get the occupants to safety. He was seemingly trapped in the truck while the flames moved towards it.

Pierce reportedly recorded a goodbye message for his family on his phone as he feared he wouldn’t survive. New York Times reporter Jack Nicas shared some haunting images of the flames licking Pierce’s truck.

In what appears to be straight out of a movie, a bulldozer suddenly appeared knocking the cars blocking the road out of the way. With his way clear, Pierce didn’t flee to safety. He made his way to the hospital where the staff had set up an emergency triage to provide medical assistance.

Pierce survived the horrifying drive and so did his Toyota Tunder, albeit barely. It got badly burnt and some parts even melted due to the intense heat. His story quickly went viral online and people started calling on Toyota to replace his truck with a new one. Toyota has confirmed in a statement that it’s grateful to all emergency crews working to extinguish the fires and help people to safety.

“We are especially thankful to one hero in particular, Allyn Pierce, for risking his life and sacrificing his Toyota Tundra to drive people to safety. Toyota is so humbled by Mr. Pierce’s selfless act that we’re pleased to offer him a brand new Tundra,” it said.

A well deserved reward for his bravery indeed.

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