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TSA's New Tech Lets You Keep Your Laptop Inside The Carry-On
Going through airport security can be stressful as it is. You’re trying to make sure that you comply with the instructions of the TSA agents while not taking long so as to inconvenience the countless other passengers behind you. If you detest fumbling with items in your carry-on which are required to be taken out and placed in separate bins, you’re going to appreciate the new technology that the TSA […]

New TSA Screening Rule For Electronics Will Be Applied At All U.S. Airports
The Transportation Safety Administration has a new rule in place for screening electronic devices. It’s going to start implementing a new screening procedure for electronics in carry-on luggage. The TSA has confirmed that this rule is going to apply at all airports in the United States. Passengers who are traveling through any and all airports in the country will be required to place all electronic devices larger than a cellphone […]

TSA Forked Out $1.4 Million For Simple App
You know what they say, we deserve the government that we voted in – or in the case of a democracy, the government in which the majority voted for. Well, it looks like the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has forked out $1.4 million for an app which apparently requires a mere 10 minutes to develop.

Airport Screeners Have 'Pitiful' Ability To Detect Weapons
The Transportation Security Administration’s airport screeners are the first line of defence to ensure that contraband and weapons don’t make it on a plane, but there has been much talk recently about the equipment’s ability to pick up weapons and/or drugs. The TSA is being chided by federal watchdogs and U.S. lawmakers over the “pitiful” ability of its screeners to pick up potentially harmful objects.


Master Key For TSA Locks Can Be 3D Printed Now
TSA locks used to be a feature that I looked out for whenever I purchased a piece of luggage, but now all of that “investment” seems to have gone down the drain with this bit of news that has just filtered through – apparently, someone with a 3D printer will be able to make their very own TSA master luggage key which translates to the possibility of your luggage being […]

Heathrow, Manchester Airports Informed Passengers To Ensure Electronics Are Charged Before US Flights
Over the weekend, we did bring you word that there is a new TSA rule in town – your consumer electronics devices will need to be turned on before you board a flight, so make sure that your personal devices have enough juice left, or at least adequate residue to get past the boot screen so that your holiday or business trip will not get off on the wrong footing. […]

New TSA Rule Requires Electronic Devices To Be Turned On
The next time you are planning on boarding a flight to the US, you might want to ensure that your electronic devices have enough battery. This is not out of concern for your entertainment or enjoyment while on the flight, but rather a new security rule that the TSA will be enforcing. According to a press release on the TSA’s website, it seems that they will require all personal electronics […]