lightsaber-caneOver the weekend, we did bring you word that there is a new TSA rule in town – your consumer electronics devices will need to be turned on before you board a flight, so make sure that your personal devices have enough juice left, or at least adequate residue to get past the boot screen so that your holiday or business trip will not get off on the wrong footing. Should there not be enough battery power, you might be subjected to additional screening, and your portable electronics device might be barred from entering the flight with you. Apparently, this ruling is not limited to just U.S. airports, as it passengers at London’s Heathrow as well as the Manchester airport will also undergo similar checks for U.S.-bound flights.

I guess this is where the beauty of AA-battery powered devices shines brightly, no? It must be noted, however, that at London’s Heathrow airport, the checks will be carried out at the security control and boarding gates, while over at the Manchester Airport, such checks will happen only at the departure gates and will be carried out by airline staff.

In fact, British Airways has also mentioned that their passengers will have to perform a rebook should they happen to carry an uncharged device. Bummer! Flying in these times seem to be more and more of a hassle. If only there was some sort of global rail network like the one we saw in the Snowpiercer movie…

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