You know what they say, we deserve the government that we voted in – or in the case of a democracy, the government in which the majority voted for. Well, it looks like the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has forked out $1.4 million for an app which apparently requires a mere 10 minutes to develop.

For those who have made their way across the US over the past two years, chances are you would have crossed paths with the Transportation Security Administration’s Randomizer app on the iPad. This is a very simple app in essence, where it will decide as to which particular lane that you will be assigned to as you wait for your turn to go through security.

The thing is, TSA forked out a whopping $1.4 million for the app, how is that for good and responsible use for taxpayer’s money? In December a couple of years ago, software developer Kevin Burke submitted a Freedom of Information Act request concerning the TSA’s app. A couple of documents were sent as part of a response 15 months down the road, including $336,413.59 forked out for the app that will show whether one goes to the left or to the right at random.

Not only that, there were also other payments that had connections with the contract, and it arrived at a rather unbelievable total of $1,444,315, although one should not rule out the possibility of some of that money ending up for the actual hardware. The thing is, the app can be created in less than 10 minutes as shown in the video above.

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