Going through airport security can be stressful as it is. You’re trying to make sure that you comply with the instructions of the TSA agents while not taking long so as to inconvenience the countless other passengers behind you. If you detest fumbling with items in your carry-on which are required to be taken out and placed in separate bins, you’re going to appreciate the new technology that the TSA has put in place. It lets you keep your stuff like the laptop and liquids inside the carry-on.

The Transportation Security Administration has signed a contract this week for hundreds of new and advanced carry-on baggage screening machines. Such is the confidence in the ability of these machines that passengers won’t be required to remove their laptops or liquids from the carry-on. TSA Administrator David Pekoske said that this new technology has been tested at over a dozen airports since 2017 with the relaxed protocols which allow passengers to leave their stuff inside.

These computed tomography or CT machines will be rolled out to more airports across the nation over the summer. Some 300 machines have been acquired at a cost of $97 million. The machine works by creating a 3D image of the bag’s contents and will be able to detect items automatically that passengers are currently required by the TSA to remove.

Pekoske said that the list of airports where these machines will be deployed has not been finalized as yet. The agency expects to replace its over 2,000 existing x-ray machines with the advanced CT equipment over the next eight years.

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