iPhone6s-2Up-HeroFish-PR-PRINTNow there has been quite a bit of fuss surrounding Apple’s new iPhones in what many have called “batterygate”. Basically for those who are hearing about this for the first time, the new iPhones feature A9 chipsets made by both Samsung and TSMC. However it was discovered that not only are the chipsets different in size, but apparently the TMSC version has longer battery life.

This is based on benchmarks which found that the TSMC outlasted the Samsung-made version by almost 2 hours, which is pretty insane. Now if you just bought yourself an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and want to find out which model your phone has, it’s simple. According to CIO, you will need to download an app called the Battery Memory System Status Monitor from the iTunes App Store.

Open the app when it is installed and tap on the “System” tab. Under the Device section, look for Model and it will show you the model number of the chipset. If it says N71mAP or N66mAP, your phone is running a TSMC chipset. If it says N71AP or N66AP, then it is a Samsung-made chipset.

Apple has come forward and stated that in real-world testing, the differences in the chipsets are negligible with a difference of 2-3%, meaning that it should not impact your use that much. However if you just want the TSMC model for peace of mind, there is a 14-day return window that you can take advantage of.

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