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Uber Eats Test Lets You Pre-Order Food To Eat In Restaurants
The very reason why many people use Uber Eats is that they don’t feel like going to a restaurant and would rather have the same food in their own home. Uber Eats is conducting a new test which is a bit different than what its service is normally used for. It’s allowing customers to pre-order food from their favorite restaurants and then head there to eat it.

Uber Tests Folding Uber Eats Into Its Main App
Uber and Uber Eats are separate apps, where one lets you order a car and the other will let you order food. However, it seems that maybe not enough users are using Uber Eats because the company has confirmed to TechCrunch that they are testing folding its Uber Eats app into its main app.

Uber Eats May Offer Unlimited Delivery Pass For $9.99
If you rely on Uber Eats for most of your meals you may notice that the delivery fees can add up rather quickly. To provide more flexibility to regular customers, it appears that the ride-hailing company’s food delivery service will soon offer customers an unlimited free delivery pass. It will be called the Uber Eats Pass and will cost $9.99.

Uber Eats Gets Apple Pay In Over A Dozen Markets
It has been possible to pay for an Uber through Apple Pay since 2014 but this payment option hasn’t been available in Uber’s food delivery app called Uber Eats. That’s changing today as Uber has announced that it will now be possible to pay for your Uber Eats order with Apple Pay. Users will authenticate their transactions using Touch ID or Face ID instead of having to fill out their billing […]


Starbucks Uber Eats Deliveries Are Being Expanded
It will now be easier for you to get your Starbucks fix delivered to your doorstep. The coffee chain has long allowed customers to place orders for pickup through its app and it’s now making it possible for them to get Starbucks without having to leave their home, provided they’re living in select markets.

Uber Eats Looking To Reach 70% Of U.S. Population By Year's End
Uber’s food delivery service, aptly called Uber Eats, has grown considerably overseas. The company is now focusing on growth at home. It has said that Uber Eats will be looking to reach 70 percent of the U.S. population by the end of this year. There’s only a couple of months left in 2018 so this is certainly going to be an ambitious effort on the company’s part.

Uber Eats Removes Flat Delivery Fees
Uber Eats is the food delivery service that the transportation company runs in dozens of markets across the globe. It lets users easily have food delivered from their favorite restaurants. Customers first have to pay for their order itself and then there’s also a flat $4.99 delivery fee in the U.S. They often have to pay for surge pricing as well if it’s a really busy time. Uber has now […]