Uber Eats is the food delivery service that the transportation company runs in dozens of markets across the globe. It lets users easily have food delivered from their favorite restaurants. Customers first have to pay for their order itself and then there’s also a flat $4.99 delivery fee in the U.S. They often have to pay for surge pricing as well if it’s a really busy time. Uber has now decided to change the cost structure a bit and it has removed the flat delivery fee.

So while customers won’t have to pay a flat fee anymore, they will have to pay a delivery fee nonetheless. The company has been testing a price tool over the past year which will apply the delivery fee on a case-by-case basis. It will largely depend on the customer’s distance from the restaurant. The closer they are to the restaurant the cheaper it’s going to be and vice verse. The delivery fee range is different in every city but it will be between $2 and $8.

Uber Eats product manager Ben Dreier said that this change is a result of the feedback that the company has received from its customers. After talking to them, “What became obvious was that we needed to change something about our core fee feature,” he said.

So Uber Eats will no longer be applying the flat fee as it did before no matter how close or far the customer was from the restaurant. It will begin varying fees based on the customer’s distance from the restaurant. Customers will see the delivery costs from restaurants in the app itself.

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