The very reason why many people use Uber Eats is that they don’t feel like going to a restaurant and would rather have the same food in their own home. Uber Eats is conducting a new test which is a bit different than what its service is normally used for. It’s allowing customers to pre-order food from their favorite restaurants and then head there to eat it.

Eater reports that a new “Dine-in” option has appeared in Uber Eats for users in select U.S. cities. This option is available alongside Delivery and Pickup at the top of the screen. So when customers place an order through th eapp and go to the restaurant to pick it up, they will have the option to have sit there and have the meal in the restaurant.

A spokesperson for Uber confirmed to the scribe that this option is being piloted in Dallas, Austin, Tucson, and San Diego. The Dine-In feature doesn’t charge customers a fee for the service while restaurants are charged one that “differs by market and restaurant but is typically lower than the fee they pay for delivery.”

Customers can choose to tip the food service employees through the app itself if the restaurant has opted-in for it. The company says that this option is meant to “bridge the gap” between customers and restaurants. Others would argue that this is just another step to cut out drivers from the middle completely.

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