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Uber's Food Company Overtakes Its Ride-Hailing Business In Some Markets
Uber is best known for its ride-hailing service. If you need a ride, just open the Uber app and select where you want to go. An Uber driver nearby will accept your ride and take you where you want to go. However, Uber is also running a food-delivery business in several markets across the globe. It turns out, the food business has actually overtaken the ride-hailing business in some markets.

UberEATS Now Offers Restaurant Ratings And Dish Recommendations
While food delivery services aren’t new, the addition of UberEATS means that we have so many more options to choose from, and sometimes it can be overwhelming when you open the app and find yourself faced with an impossible choice, then there is also a problem of whether or not a restaurant could be good.

Uber Food Delivery Service India Launch Confirmed
Uber is much more than the company that runs a platform which connects riders with drivers. It offers different services in different markets over and above the ride-hailing service that has made it the global behemoth it is today. UberEATS is one such service, it lets users order food from participating restaurants. The company has confirmed that its food delivery service is being launched in India.

UberEats Lands In London
Uber has expanded its food delivery service to the United Kingdom. UberEats has now gone live in London, it’s going to be available in Central London initially between 11 AM and 11 PM local time. The company has said that more than 150 restaurants have already signed up to deliver meals through UberEats and that the service is going to be expanded to areas beyond Central London in the coming […]


Amazon Expands Food Delivery Service To San Francisco
Amazon today announced that it has expanded its free one-hour restaurant delivery service to 33 ZIP codes across San Francisco. It’s partnering with over 115 local eateries including Nick’s Crispy Tacos, Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers and more for this service. The food delivery service is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers who can access the service using the Prime Now app.

Uber Instant Delivery Service Shut Down In NYC
Uber has confirmed that it has shut down the Instant Delivery service in New York City. It’s an UberEats feature that provides users with a list of selected lunch items that can be delivered to them in ten minutes or less. Instant Delivery was available to NYC residents since last year but clearly the response wasn’t good enough to convince Uber to not axe this service for NYC.