Uber is much more than the company that runs a platform which connects riders with drivers. It offers different services in different markets over and above the ride-hailing service that has made it the global behemoth it is today. UberEATS is one such service, it lets users order food from participating restaurants. The company has confirmed that its food delivery service is being launched in India.

India, as many of you are well aware by now, is a very lucrative market for up and coming digital services which is why we see many startups and companies focusing their energies on this particular market.

UberEATS has already been launched in 58 cities across the globe and it will be made available in at least six cities when it’s launched in India.

“I am incredibly excited about bringing UberEATS to India. This is a significant investment, it spans multiple cities and regions, and it has the potential to change the food industry – with the push of a button – in one of the most vibrant food cultures in the world,” confirmed UberEATS’ Asia Pacific chief Allen Penn.

Before the service can be launched in the country, Uber needs to sign up with delivery and restaurant partners and that’s what it’s working on these days. It may take a couple of months before UberEATS is formally launched in India.

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