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Underwater Wing Suit Makes You Feel Like You're Flying Under The Sea
The concept of a wingsuit is to offer humans the ability to glide their way through the sky, just like a flying squirrel would. The only problem with wingsuits is the fact that you’re gliding super fast, which means you need to be pretty accurate when you’re flying with one.Since falling through the sky can be perceived as extremely dangerous, an underwater wing suit may be something you’d be interested […]

Scuba Divers use Sony Reader 300ft underwater
Ever used a tablet while you’re underwater in the middle of an ocean? Can’t say I have, but some folks do it on a daily basis especially professional divers like Mark Thurlow and Robin Jacoway. Since they go down to depths of 300-400 ft, they can’t immediately exit the water when they’re done collecting marine life samples – they need to spend time surfacing so that they aren’t affected by […]

Photojojo waterproof camera is pretty cheap
If you’re off to the seaside for vacation or just a day trip, you might not want to bring your shiny new SLR in case it gets wet, damaged, or covered in sand. But if you really want to take some photographs, and having fun in the water as well, you have the choice of either investing in a pricey waterproof camera – or you can obtain a budget-lover’s delight […]

Aqua Star USA AS-2 Scooter lets you explore the ocean at your leisure
If you’re too lazy to swim or learn how to dive, but you really want to explore the ocean there really hasn’t been any solution to the problem besides renting an underwater exploration DVD to watch or find someone who would take you on their submarine. Well now there’s a new option – called the AS-2 Scooter from Aqua Star USA.


Robotic octopus arm mimics the real one
Some researchers from Reading University are working together to create a robotic octopus that they hope will be used for underwater operations such as maintenance, marine salvage, and retrieval of objects like black-box recorders from crashed air craft. Right now the arms of the octopus are being worked on and progress has been going well. The researchers have managed to come up with arms that mimic an octopus’s arm – […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 - 3D Rugged Camera
[CES 2011] 3D imaging is not interesting in all circumstances, under water shooting is one of the instances where 3D photo can be fully appreciated. To fulfill this need, Sony is offering a rugged camera in its new 3D Cyber-shot lineup: the DSC-TX10 is water-proof in up to 5m of water, shock-proof, dust-proof, freeze-proof and features a 3-inch touch screen.Features include: – 16.2-megapixel – 3-inch (7.5 cm) touch screen – […]

Sanyo Announces Its Xacti DMX-CA100 Underwater HD Camcorder
Looking for a digital camcorder to record all your underwater adventures? Sanyo has announced its latest addition to its Xacti line of digital camcorders, the DMX-CA100. This new camcorder is waterproof up to 10 feet for up to 1-hour and can record 1080p videos in H.264 format. There are two sets of controls, each dedicated to capturing photos or recording videos, so you won’t have to worry about fumbling around […]

Immersed Senses Helmet Makes Us Want To Go Diving
You may not like diving due to the clunky gear that we use nowadays, but if you had something like the Immersed Senses concept helmet, you’d probably change your mind. What this gadget does is it offers a heads-up-display (HUD), giving you accurate GPS maps, so you won’t lose your way underwater. More importantly is that it offers a unique electrolysis reactor that extracts oxygen directly from the sea water, […]