The concept of a wingsuit is to offer humans the ability to glide their way through the sky, just like a flying squirrel would. The only problem with wingsuits is the fact that you’re gliding super fast, which means you need to be pretty accurate when you’re flying with one.

Since falling through the sky can be perceived as extremely dangerous, an underwater wing suit may be something you’d be interested in. The Oceanwings was designed by Guillaume Binard, who partnered with AquaLung, and is a wetsuit inspired by wingsuits that gives the user the feeling of flying underwater.

The Oceanwings was demoed by world-famous freediver Pierre Frolla, who lucky for you, cameras were recording him in action in order to give us a look at how this suit works when in use. Let’s just hope any underwater predators don’t think an Oceanwings user is a tasty treat as we’re sure the suit won’t stand up to a shark attack.

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