Aqua Star AS-2If you’re too lazy to swim or learn how to dive, but you really want to explore the ocean there really hasn’t been any solution to the problem besides renting an underwater exploration DVD to watch or find someone who would take you on their submarine. Well now there’s a new option – called the AS-2 Scooter from Aqua Star USA.

Touted to be affordable and a must have vehicle for boaters, diving enthusiasts, turnkey leisure operators and dive operators, the AS-2 Scooter is basically a scooter that works underwater. A successor to the AS-1, the AS-2 now seats up to two people and has an improved helmet which gives a 99% distortion free underwater experience. It is also lighter and faster than the previous model, which means you can get more exploration done in the same amount of time.

Users get in the underwater scooter, with their heads inside the fixed helmets that are constantly supplied with air from scuba tanks (lasts up to 70 minutes). The driver controls the scooter like a typical motorbike, with the exception that it has two engines – one for vertical movement and one for forward movement. The AS-2 travels at speeds of up to 3.1mph and can operate at a depth of up to 12 meters.  It runs on a rechargeable battery that can last up to 2.5 hours.

Contact Aqua Star USA for prices or head to the official product page for more details.

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