We do know that AT&T has already started unlocking the iPhone for off-contract devices since April 8th, and here we are with news that they will also unlock Apple’s best selling smartphone for the US military. Yes, our men and women in uniform who rock on to Apple’s iPhone 4/4S will soon be able to hook up said device with micro-SIM cards from other carriers, making it ideal to bring the handset around with you when you are abroad so that you can use a local line instead of being tethered to an expensive bill at the end of the month after making just a few short calls back home and sending some text messages.

Basically, US military members who are deployed abroad are already entitled to pause their existing service with an operator whenever they serve overseas, without having to fork out additional money, courtesy of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. As for AT&T’s latest bit of “action”, it is not legally driven in any way, but just as a token of appreciation, I suppose, to the people who help keep our country and the world safe.

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