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US military to make use of special eyewear for calling in airstrikes
Airstrikes are deadly when used effectively and precisely. Calling down airstrikes in a wrong location could result in civilian casualties and even friendly fire. The military has been looking for more accurate and effective ways to call in air weaponry. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have come up with a new solution to the problem: give one guy on the ground the ability to control a drone or […]

US Navy fires laser gun from ship for the first time
The US Navy recently took a major leap forward in terms of weapon technology recently. They mounted a solid-state laser called the Maritime Laser Demonstrator aboard a decommissioned destroyer, the USS Paul Foster. With a motorboat a mile away from the ship, they set out for target practice with the laser gun. It fired a 15-kilowatt beam of laser at the boat and set the motorboat’s engines on fire in […]

AT&T and Verizon forced to share network with rivals for data
AT&T and Verizon, the two largest carriers in America, have just been instructed by the FCC to share their networks with smaller carriers for the transfer of data. Right now the carriers have already been making deals with their rivals to share networks, but they have been voluntarily – and it has only been for voice services. Under the new FCC ruling, these deals have to be mandatory, and if […]

XM-25 computer smartgun promo video released
The XM-25, computer smartgun from ATK that recently received a $66 million contract and is being moved into production stages has just been shown off in an impressive video demonstration. The futuristic weapon is more than just a collection of metal and bullets – it packs a computer that makes the gun even more dangerous than ever. An advanced aiming and tracking system that allows users to take down enemies […]


Free WiFi hotspots outnumber paid WiFi hotspots in the US
For the first time ever, the amount of free WiFi hotspots in the US outnumber the amount of paid WiFi locations. According to some statistics released by JiWire, an advertising company that specializes in marketing through WiFi networks, the growth of free WiFi has taken the driver’s seat and is now leading the way for providing public internet access spots around the country. JiWire also noticed that this isn’t a […]

Spotify to arrive in the US very soon
According to Reuters, Spotify have been reported to be only “a few weeks away” from closing a deal with Universal Music Group – the world’s largest music company. Once complete, the deal will allow the service to launch in the US, even though they haven’t gotten the big 4 music companies on their side yet. As of now, Warner Music is still out of the equation and Spotify might launch […]

Spotify hitting the States soon?
According to a report on All Things D, Spotify will be making its way to our shores very soon. The music streaming service that’s been available in Europe for quite some time was been made available for a select group of users in the US for promotional testing of the service not too long ago. Now, an email from the service that’s been sent to the testers seems to hint […]

US military enforces disks ban
The mighty US military has already issued a disk ban – that means not being able to use CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives and other kinds of removable media at the threat of a court martial. According to Maj. Gen. Richard Webber, commander of Air Force Network Operations, he issued the Dec. 3 “Cyber Control Order” which was obtained by Danger Room, where it is directed at airmen to “immediately […]

Sony's Thermos-shaped SRS-V500IP Sound Mug Is Now Available In The US
You might have been drooling over Sony’s SRS-V500IP iPod speakers that were only available in Japan before this, but the good news is that has decided to bring the speaker into the US and it will be available in black, orange, and pink. The Circle Sound Stage speaker system is still intact, allowing you to enjoy your tunes and if you don’t own an iPod, a 3.5mm audio jack […]

Clearwire Launches WiMAX Roaming Day Pass In Japan
Clearwire has announced a partnership with UQ Communications of Japan, launching 4G roaming services, allowing its customers the ability to sign-up for a Day Pass and use unlimited WiMAX data on their notebooks while travelling throughout covered markets in Japan and the US. Clearwire and UQ already offer 4G services in their domestic markets and Clearwire customers in Japan will be able to pick up a UQ WiMAX Day Pass […]

Honda To Launch Plug-in Hybrid, EV In US And Japan In 2012
Honda has announced that it’s planning to introduce more efficient and green vehicles in the future, and will be launching a battery-electric vehicle and a new plug-in hybrid vehicle or mid-size to larger vehicles in the US and Japanese markets by the end of 2012. In line with that, the company has also announced the use of a lithium-ion battery in its next-generation Civic Hybrid in 2011, and will be […]

GPS Satellites To Get $8bn Overhaul
GPS is such a common feature in mobile phones and gadgets nowadays that we’ve almost come to take the service for granted. We forget that there are 24 busy GPS satellites working to feed us all the location data that we’re requesting. There is some great news, though, as the United States is planning an $8 billion overhaul of the 24 aging satellites. With the new hardware, users will be […]

HP Working On A Flexible Dick Tracy Watch Computer For US Troops
HP is certainly no stranger to flexible displays or wrist-mounted displays, and now reports are in that the computing giant is busy working on a solar-powered watch for the US military that is based on such flexible display technology – dubbed the Dick Tracy watch. Since it’s made from plastic and is flexible, powered by solar energy, it’s much less likely to malfunction or run out of power while in […]

Sony To Discontinue Sales Of Floppy Disks In Japan
Ah, Floppy disks, if you’re quite young, you may not even have used them before, and now it seems that the next generation will probably never come into contact with this ancient medium. According to reports, Sony has announced its decision to end sales of its 3.5-inch floppy disks in Japan from March next year, coupled with the fact that Sony holds about 70 percent of the floppy disk market, […]

Pentax Offers New Colors For Its K-x DSLR In The US
Pentax is no stranger to offering multicolored DSLR cameras, but they’re generally available outside of the US. Now Pentax will be offering several new colors for its K-x DSLR camera. The camera, which is currently available in black or red, will be joined by bright colors such as green, blue, orange and purple. Regardless of the color of the camera you choose, they will all set you back $650, and […]

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3s Is Now Available In China Before The US
Lenovo’s IdeaPad S10-3s isn’t available to us over in the U.S. just yet, but folks who are over in China have already been able to pick up the netbook. The S10-3s differs from the original S10-3 in the sense that it has a slightly different design with rounded corners, and is available with a 1024 x 600 pixel or 1280 x 720 pixel display. Processor options also include the 1.66GHz […]

Verizon Outage In Midwest And California?
In light of the recent spat between Verizon and AT&T, this latest outage by Verizon might seem a tad ironic. Verizon subscribers over in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and California have been reported network issues, and there is speculation that this might be related to the merger with Alltel’s network. Apparently there is a 6-hour estimate for everything to be smooth sailing again, which is an insanely long amount of time, […]