USB Type-C technology has instantly won people over, aside from the speed improvements the fact that there’s really no “correct” way to insert a USB Type-C cable is enough to make most people want to make the switch to a device that offers this technology. I’m all for reversible USB ports, as I’m sure many others are. However if you’re looking to purchase a third-party USB Type-C adapter or cable it’s in your best interests to see what this Googler has to say about that particular cable or adapter.


Benson Leung works at Google where he has been involved in the development of two products that have USB Type-C ports. He doesn’t name the products he has worked on, but since Google’s only two devices with this technology are the Chromebook Pixel and upcoming Pixel C, they are most likely the products that he worked on.

Leung discovered that some third-party USB Type-C accessories don’t follow the official specifications and may fail to charge some devices, in some cases the accessories may even damage your USB hub, charger or even your computer.

That’s why he has started testing and leaving reviews for USB Type-C cables and adapters available from Amazon. You don’t need to worry if you’re using a cable that came with your device, but check out his work if you’ve bought one from a third-party.

Leung also tested the cheap USB Type-C cable that OnePlus is selling, even though it’s not available from Amazon, he says that because the cable uses an incorrect 3A configuration it could potentially damage older chargers and USB hubs.

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