Pixel 3 Expected To Continue Being Exclusive To Verizon

It’s probably a safe bet to make that Google will be launching new Pixel handsets later this year. In fact not too long ago an alleged photo leaked which showed off the front panels for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, “confirming” that the larger PIxel 3 XL would have a notch in its display which is a trend we’re seeing in smartphones these days.

Verizon’s Standalone TV Streaming Service Canceled

Verizon confirmed a long time ago that it’s also developing its own standalone online TV streaming service but we haven’t heard much about it since. The streaming service would have be a competitor to the likes of Sling TV by Dish and PlayStation Vue by Sony. However, it has been reported over the past couple of years that the project keeps getting delayed and now it seems that Verizon has […]

Verizon LG G6 Oreo Update Rolling Out Now

Some of you will be well aware that Google has already detailed Android P and has even launched a public beta program while many compatible high-end devices have yet to receive their Oreo update. The carrier-locked LG G6 is one of those devices and finally, there’s some respite for those who have been waiting for this update on Verizon. The country’s largest mobile carrier has now started rolling out the […]

RED Hydrogen One Will Be Coming To AT&T, Verizon This Summer

Last year high-end camera maker RED announced that they would be getting into the smartphone business with an upcoming handset called the Hydrogen One. It was originally intended for a launch in the first quarter of the year, but that clearly did not happen, and a report from earlier this month revealed that the company had delayed it to make some improvements.


Verizon To Roll Out 5G Technology To Los Angeles In Q4 2018

5G is expected to be the next step in our mobile internet technology and will eventually replace 4G. However like we saw with 4G, the roll out of the tech will no doubt take a while before it covers everyone, but the good news is that for those living in Los Angeles, Verizon has confirmed that they will be rolling out 5G technology to the area in Q4 2018.

AT&T, Verizon Under Investigation Over Alleged eSIM Collusion

In recent times, Apple has started including eSIMs into their products, such as their iPads. What this means is that users who want cellular connectivity on their iPads simply have to activate the SIM with a carrier as opposed to using a physical SIM which can be troublesome, especially if you’re looking to switch carriers.

Verizon’s Parental Control App Now Includes Location Tracking

Verizon has a parental control app that allows parents to control (to a certain extent) the smartphones of their kids. Dubbed FamilyBase, it seems that Verizon has officially decided to rename it where it will now be known as the Verizon Smart Family app. The carrier has also updated some of its features.

Verizon HTC 10 Gets Android 8.0 Oreo

Android 8.0 Oreo is gradually making its way to more devices. There are still a lot of Android-powered smartphones and tablets that have yet to be updated to Oreo even though Google will be unveiling Oreo’s successor in the near future. Verizon today started rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo for the HTC 10 on its network.

Verizon Could Launch Palm-Branded Smartphones Later This Year

Before Apple, Samsung, LG, and so on, there were brands like Palm and HP who made what could be considered as smartphones back then. However very clearly these brands did not survive the coming of the smartphone era, although it looks like at least one of them will be staging a comeback.

Verizon To Launch Samsung Galaxy J7 Aero And Galaxy J3 Eclipse 2 Soon

Verizon is reportedly going to launch a couple of affordable Samsung devices in the near future. The new devices are said to be called the Galaxy J7 Aero and the Galaxy J3 Eclipse 2. Enough circumstantial evidence has surfaced over the past two weeks to suggest that these affordable devices could be coming out in the not too distant future.

Low-End LG Zone 4 Launched On Verizon

If you’re shopping about for a second smartphone but don’t want to spend too much money, or a phone for your kid that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then you might be interested to learn that LG has recently announced a new smartphone in the form of the LG Zone 4 that will be launched on Verizon.

Verizon Releases Android 8.0 Oreo For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+

Verizon users rejoice as the country’s largest mobile carrier has finally released the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. The devices received the update elsewhere a couple of weeks back and now carriers in the United States are gradually starting to roll it out to devices on their networks.

Samsung Ships Sprint Galaxy S9s With Verizon SIMs

Imagine the anticipation of buying a brand new phone that you’ve waited for a week to arrive and you can’t wait to use it, only that you can’t because for some reason, you’ve been shipped the wrong SIM card. Turns out that’s exactly what some Samsung Galaxy S9 customers are experiencing.

Verizon LG V30 Android 8.0 Oreo Update Released

LG V30 owners on Verizon can rejoice as they will finally be able to get a taste of Oreo. The country’s largest mobile carrier has started rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo for the LG V30 on its network. The update is now being rolled out over-the-air and will soon go live for users in all regions across the country.