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Chromebox For Meetings Set To Disrupt Enterprise Video Conferencing
Google just introduced Chromebox for meeting, a new integrated system that lets users easily arrange virtual meetings whether scheduled in Google Calendar or spontaneous. Based on Chrome OS, Chromebox for meeting is a dedicated enterprise/SMB virtual conferencing appliance that is designed to be much more affordable and easier to setup than existing solutions.

PetChatz Helps You Communicate With Your Pet While You're Gone
We’re sure there are many of you who can’t live without having your pet by your side everywhere you go, which results of the constant tug of war between going to work or just quitting altogether to spend every moment with your pet. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of heartache, then PetChatz will help make things a little better during those moments when you can’t be with your pet.

Bank of America Improves ATM Experience With Teller Assist Video Chat Feature
Sometimes getting away from work to go to the bank to handle some important transactions can be quite challenging for some people, making the weekends the only other time you can conduct your business with your bank. Seeing how everyone seems to go to the bank on the weekends, this could mean you may be waiting at your bank for much longer than you originally anticipated. But Bank of America […]

Internet Proxy Weddings On The Rise
My wife and I will soon be celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary next month, and one of the last things we both would have considered would be to get hitched through a webcam, or better known as a proxy wedding. But apparently this method of matrimony is increasing in both its frequency and controversy.According to a story published by The New York Times, proxy weddings have brought up the questions […]


Logitech TV Cam HD Review
The Logitech TV Cam HD brings Logitech into a market that is highly desired, but yet poorly served: Skype on the big screen. It is obvious that a lot of people would love using Skype on their TV, and the proliferation large and cheap LCD TVs only makes this idea more pervasive. Although many smart TVs now offer Skype as an integrated option, there are even more HDTVs out there […]

Droid 3 update to see Google Talk video chat supported
If you happen to own a Droid 3 smartphone (which obviously runs on the Android operating system), then you would be pleased to hear news that an impending update will place you in the upper echelons of Android smartphone users. Why so, you ask? Well, it is said that this update will bring around a slew of bug fixes and greater stability, but apart from that, there is also another […]

Vizio Tablet Video Chat With ooVoo
Vizio has announced that its 8″ Vizio Tablet now supports the ooVoo video chat application that lets up to six participants communicate with audio and video over WiFi. ooVoo is an application that has been out there for a while, but it is not compatible with all Android devices. For instance popular devices like the Motorola Bionic, the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are not supported at this […]

HookFlash: Video Conferencing Meets Business Communications in the iPad
 [DEMO Fall 2011] Hookflash is an application for the iPad that combines group video conferencing and group messaging with features specific to corporate phone systems. Trent Johnsen, Hookflash co-founder and CEO promises that ”millions of iPad users will immediately have access to the powerful communication capabilities previously limited to expensive corporate telephone and video conferencing systems.”

Video Stabilization Software from SRI Embedded in Google Talk
Image stabilization is a technology commonly used for digital cameras, but here, we are talking about real-time image stabilization for live video streaming, specifically for video chat services, which requires different algorithms and more computing power. Silicon Valley-based SRI International, a nonprofit research and development organization, is announcing that Google Talk for Android 3.0+ devices integrates its 2D video stabilization software. It is fun to video chat while walking using […]

T-Mobile blocks Google Talk Video Chat?
Google rolled out the audio/video chat functionality into their Talk application on the Android platform not too long ago under the version 1.3 guise, but it was available only on Gingerbread 2.3.4. This update delivered the similar voice and video chat capabilities to the Nexus S which you are able to access over in the desktop version of Google Talk. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, as […]

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Video Chat app announced
[Blackberry World] RIM has just announced that a new BlackBerry Video Chat app will be making its way over to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The app will finally allow PlayBook users to make video calls to other PlayBook users with RIM’s own app. As mentioned in our PlayBook review, the tablet didn’t come with an app out of the box, so it’s good to know that RIM is working hard to […]

Microsoft working on a competitor to FaceTime?
Apple’s release of FaceTime has revived a lot of interest in mobile video chat and now word is going around that Microsoft is planning to come up with its own competitor to FaceTime for Windows Phone 7. It’s speculated that the application will integrate with Microsoft’s Live services, allowing it to be used on all Windows Phones. When asked why Microsoft wouldn’t use a service such as Skype, the answer […]

Yahoo! Messenger on Android gets video chatting ability
Video calls using 3G technology has been around for quite some time already, but we rarely see people use that, as most folks seem to rely on voice-to-voice communications more. Perhaps it is because you need to hold up the phone and talk using a Bluetooth headset to maintain the privacy of your conversation, or it could be due to the slightly higher cost per call – whatever the case […]

FaceTime video chat support arrives on the Mac platform
Just a few months ago, FaceTime video chat was only available to iPhone 4 owners, and this happened only via a Wi-Fi network and nowhere else. Well, today Apple has decided that it is time FaceTime video chat is ready to be a Mac OS X application so that those sitting behind a Mac can engage in video chat conversations with one another, not to mention owners of the iPhone […]