SRI image stabilization in GTalk

Google Talk video chat used while walking by SRI researchers on an Android tablet

Image stabilization is a technology commonly used for digital cameras, but here, we are talking about real-time image stabilization for live video streaming, specifically for video chat services, which requires different algorithms and more computing power. Silicon Valley-based SRI International, a nonprofit research and development organization, is announcing that Google Talk for Android 3.0+ devices integrates its 2D video stabilization software. It is fun to video chat while walking using a tablet, but without video stabilization, picture quality is poor since the transmitted images look shaky – I know, I just tried it with an iPad and Skype, the experience was poor. I will update this article with the test “Video Walk with Google Talk on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ”.

SRI International, (formerly Stanford Research Institute) has been widely recognized worldwide for its disruptive inventions, including the first mouse, invented by Douglas Engelbart in his SRI lab in 1963. The Stanford-based institute is also famous for its robotics and artificial intelligence research, specifically for medical applications, a good example is the da Vinci Surgical System.

For video stabilization, researchers at SRI Sarnoff started to work on the  problem in the early 1990s, for security, military, safety and surveillance applications. Ultimately, the patented technology was used to develop the SRI Sarnoff’s Acadia family of vision products.

Video stabilization in video chat in tablets, how it works?

The video is captured by the tablet’s front-facing camera, and the image is compressed before it can be transmitted. Video compression algorithms increase the bandwith used to encode the video with the amount of motion in the scene. Image stabilization before compression enables improved image quality and increases the video compression engine performance of the device simultaneously, since it requires less computing power.

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