We’re sure there are many of you who can’t live without having your pet by your side everywhere you go, which results of the constant tug of war between going to work or just quitting altogether to spend every moment with your pet. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of heartache, then PetChatz will help make things a little better during those moments when you can’t be with your pet.

PetChatz is being touted as a pet communication system that allows you to conduct video calls with your pet remotely. The device features a two-way video system that allows you and your pet to see each other when activated. PetChatz connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to active it remotely using either their official website or through an app that’s available for both smartphones and tablets.

Chatting with your pet isn’t the only thing it can do as PetChatz can play a sound to gain the attention of your pet, which you can then dispense a treat or release a scent, which several kinds of smells are available for you to purchase. There’s even a sound and motion detector, which allows you to program an alert when it senses your pet is in the area.

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