thanko-carHaving a video recorder in your vehicle is a novel idea, as it would definitely be able to capture some of the more questionable moments when an accident occurs. Well, sometimes, if the video recorder works when we are not around, it is also a good thing, as you can then have an idea as to who the culprit is who scratched or dented your ride when you were not around. Thanko’s latest security camera might fit the bill then if that is what you are looking for, as it automatically begins to record a movie for a few minutes right after detecting an impact to your car.

This is made possible as the Thanko camera itself is attached to the front window, and powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. Three minutes after the engine has been turned off, the Thanko security camera will enter monitoring mode automatically, recording only when it detects a shock. If you want to use it as a driving recorder, go ahead by all means! Of course, this puppy is not confined to just remaining in a vehicle, as it is also equally at home performing surveillance duties in the grounds of your abode.

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