ViewSonic will take the opportunity to preview the 84-inch 4K Ultra HD display when CES 2013 kicks off next week, and of course, just in case you feel that you will not be able to afford such an expensive display by the time it arrives at a store near you, there is always a cheaper alternative, which would be the 32” version of the Ultra HD display. Just like how Full HD displays were all the rage a few CES’ ago, this time around, it would be 4K Ultra HD technology that will take centerstage this time around.

ViewSonic is proud to be one of the first companies to showcase this new 4K Ultra HD technology, thanks to the 32″ VP3280 desktop display. It will definitely appeal to folks like graphic designers, cinematographers and videographers, as this enables them to get closer than ever before to the native pixel resolutions which they are filming with on camera. As for the ordinary man on the street, they will be able to generate their own 4K Ultra HD content thanks to compatible high resolution video cameras.

As for the main event, the ViewSonic 84” two point touch 4K Ultra HD digital sign on the CES show floor is said to extend the possibilities of 4K Ultra HD beyond the cinema environment toward commercial applications such as mapping, GIS, the military and satellite imagery, and other business uses. It is not meant for private use, but rather, to be adopted in commercial markets from this year onwards. [Press Release]

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