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Virgin Mobile Will Stop Selling Android Phones After Fall 2018
Sprint relaunched its prepaid Virgin Mobile brand in June this year as an iPhone-only carrier. The prepaid carrier announced that it would sell nothing but iPhones. It also launched a new plan called Inner Circle for $50 per month. Despite making an iPhone-only commitment earlier this year, it appears that Virgin is still catering to its Android subscriber base, but it will only do that for just one year.

Virgin Mobile USA iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Launch Date Confirmed
If you’ve been meaning to purchase an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus from Virgin Mobile USA, bear in mind that you will have to wait longer than the customers who are buying it from one of the four major carriers. Virgin Mobile USA has confirmed its launch date for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It’s going to start taking pre-orders for the new smartphones from September 22nd.

Australian Carrier Lets You Bid On Things With Unused Data
While some of us might end up with no more data at the end of each month, there are some users who are very light users who might only go through half their data allowance. Now there are some carriers that allow its customers to rollover its data to the next month, meaning that if you use 1GB out of your 2GB of data, next month you will basically have […]

Galaxy S7 Coming To Boost And Virgin Mobile This Month
Customers in the United States will soon be able to pick up the Galaxy S7 from Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Most major carriers have already started shipping pre-ordered units, even retailers like Best Buy have started shipping ahead of the official release date. Samsung has pegged March 11th as the official release date of the new flagship handsets.


Virgin Mobile USA Introduces Unlimited Music Streaming
Streaming music constantly will no doubt eat into your data plan. If you’re particularly limited in terms of data, then music streaming is definitely off the table. However the good news is that if you’re on Virgin Mobile or if you’re looking for a reason to switch carriers, the company has announced that they are introducing unlimited music streaming.This pretty much follows in the footsteps of Virgin Mobile’s parent company […]

iPhone 6, 6 Plus Finally Available From Virgin Mobile
In the next couple of months we expect that the next-gen iPhones will be announced. However if you’re not too fussed about having the latest in smartphone technology, you might be interested to learn that Virgin Mobile is finally offering both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on its network, despite dropping the iPhone from its lineup earlier this year.Now we know that the current iPhones are almost a year […]

Moto G (2015) Will Be Available From US Cellular & Virgin Mobile
Just yesterday the Moto G (2015) was officially announced. For US customers, it was revealed that they could buy the phone from either Motorola’s website or from Best Buy, but for those who would much rather buy it from another channel, perhaps a carrier who will offer it at a discount on contract, you’re in luck.Motorola Mobility has recently tweeted that the next-gen Moto G is also expected to make […]

Sprint's Virgin Mobile Brings Shared Data For Prepaid Users
Plans that offer shared data to subscribers have worked well for carriers that mainly deal with postpaid customers but could a repeat of this performance be seen in the prepaid market? Sprint seems to think so. The third largest carrier in the country is going to bring shared data plans to the prepaid market, though its prepaid arm called Virgin Mobile, the contract-less family plan will be offered to customers […]

Galaxy S5 Now Available From Boost Mobile And Virgin Mobile
The Next Big Thing has now landed at prepaid carriers Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Customers can now pick one up from the aforementioned carriers without having to sign a conventional service contract. The only caveat is that they will have to pay the full cost upfront since prepaid carriers don’t subsidize devices or offer them on installments, but hey, that’s the price you pay for not letting a carrier tie […]

Kyocera Hydro Vibe Coming To Sprint And Virgin Mobile
Sprint and Virgin Mobile USA customers will soon have yet another waterproof smartphone to choose from. Starting May 9th the former will start selling the all new Kyocera Hydro VIbe. This 4G LTE compatible smartphone will make its way to Virgin Mobile USA on May 27th. Customers thus have the choice to either pick it up by putting the full cost down or go with Sprint if they don’t mind paying […]

Virgin Mobile Picks Up The LTE HTC Desire
Virgin Mobile, a prepaid carrier, has announced immediately availability of the HTC Desire smartphone. Don’t confuse it with another Desire that HTC launched back in 2010. The model that Virgin Mobile has picked up is actually called Desire 601 in various other markets. Its a mid-range smartphone which is relatively affordable off contract, so a good option for those who don’t want to stick with a carrier for at least […]

Virgin Mobile BlinkWashing Ad
We do seem to live in a world where we are flooded with advertisements regardless of where we turn to, and this has led to a great distaste for ads. Virgin Mobile has decided to take that rather distasteful situation and turn it around, by making use of such contempt and “transferring” it into yet another ad. Yes, I know that it sounds rather mind boggling to get around at […]

Virgin Contract Free iPhone 5 To Be Sold By RadioShack [Rumor]
RadioShack is reportedly going to sell Virgin Mobile's contract free iPhone 5. The carrier said that it will begin selling the device itself and through retail partners this month.

iPhone 5 Available On Virgin Mobile June 28
Virgin Mobile will carry the iPhone 5 starting on June 28.